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The company was established in 1993. The main suggestion to establish this

company was that there weren’t enough products on the market consisted of corn wheat.

In our company we deal with production of pressed out groceries from barleycorn, buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentuml) and rice.

Our customers know it as crisps. Our products made through between competitors by themselves and we have gained many customers due to our products quality reasonable price.


Some of our new products were:

    -    Fine salt crisps Classic 100g

    -    Crisps with smoked ham flavor 75g

    -    Peanut crisps 70g

    -    Sweet crisps 75g

    -    Crisps with pepper flavor 75g


We expanded our assortment based on our customers demands. based on our customers demands.

We expand our assortment every year. Into our products we have included OvoMix – Fruit flavor crisps 100g


Next products are:

    -    Corn crisps without salt 100g, 250

        (Fagopyrum esculentum) crisps

    -    Rice crisps

    -    Corn crisps with amaranth

    -    Corn-wheat crisps

Mainly used by customers who prefers heatlhy products (applicable for diabetic patients and children)

We have every age group customers.


        Tasty crisps

      for young and old

      ... Since 1993 ...

  Thank you very much for your support