Corn cereals with amaranth 80g

The plant amarant comes from South America. This plant is known as redroot – grown as ornamental plant. Amaranth was grown by Aztecs. Incs and Maya used this planta s their basic plant which were called golden grain. This planned was used by healers during their rituals.
"Amaranth grains contain a wide range of vitamins. Vitamins are concentrated mainly in the germ, Nutritionally, there is significant comparing to other cereals with higher amont of vitamins B2 and niacin. There is less B1 vitamin and vitamin C (3-4 mg/100g). Nutritionally important is the content of vitamin E. The special nutritional importance is the presence of antioxidant vitamins in the seeds (vitamin E). "
"From classic cereals the difference is in its fat content: 9-11% with higher content of several minerals and trace elements (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, selenium, sodium, calcium, zinc and iron). Except this, amaranth contains high level of important amino acid. The grain amaranth is rich in fiber (up to 4 times more than in conventional cereals). Vegetable oil contains of large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which act in the body to reduce blood cholesterol. "
Product is suitable for gluten-free diet. Contains amaranth seed.
The product is manufactured without the addition of table salt.